Dohchin Yoshikuni


also known as:   Yoshikuni Dohchin  
major - active (2012 - )
Best known as one half of the successful pop/R&B duo CHEMISTRY, Dohchin Yoshikuni also struck out as a solo artist in 2012. However, rather than continuing in the same style, he has used his solo project to pursue his passion for rock music. Dubbed “Tambient Rock” [“tanbi” (“aesthetics”) + “ambient”], his sound features everything from aggressive alternative rock to serene ballads, but it always manages to highlight his powerful voice. He has performed with the same support band for much of his solo career and the members, which include MONORAL bassist Ali and Pablo from Pay money To my Pain, have helped to compose many of his songs.

Dohchin has also been keeping busy in other fields. He has starred in films and stage plays, including everything from a Japanese production of the Broadway musical “RENT” to the superhero movie "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending", and he hosts a weekly InterFM radio show called "Now what can I see?".
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