indies - disbanded (2013 - 2018)
T/ssue was a young indie rock band from Nagoya that was formed in 2013 while the members all attended college. Labelling themselves “next generation herbivore men” (men that are less aggressive in the pursuit of sex, money and status than the traditional Japanese male stereotype), they played catchy, emotional rock songs. Each track was coloured by the gentle, hoarse, and sometimes almost shaky voice of frontman Ichiro Sone, who was also responsible for almost all of their songwriting.

T/ssue signed with the Nagoya-based label MORN/NG RECORDS in 2015, which earned them the opportunity to perform at a number of large events and festivals, but they returned to distributing their music independently in 2017. Sadly, the band's career came to a sudden end in 2018 when bassist Daichi Ozawa decided to retire from music to devote his attention to other interests.
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