indies - active (2012 - )
A rapper that has made a strong impression both in Japan and overseas, KOHH was born in 1990 and proudly hails from Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo. His career first began to take off when his single JUNJI TAKADA was played on its namesake’s radio show, and he has since been featured on tracks by a variety of artists, including Korean rapper Keith Ape’s 2015 viral hit It G Ma. VICE Japan also filmed a short documentary about him in 2014, giving him even more online exposure.

KOHH has a grittier approach than most mainstream Japanese rappers, with atmospheric, sinister beats and blunt, often vulgar lyrics about topics like sex, his poor upbringing, death and conformity. However, he also has a more lighthearted side, and in recent years he's shown an eagerness to experiment with a wider variety of genres, bringing rock and metal sounds into his music.
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