Screaming Sixties


also known as:   Zekkyou suru 60do  
indies - active (2014 - )
Screaming Sixties, or Zekkyou suru 60do, walk a sometimes rather hazy line between being an alternative idol duo and a punk rock band. While they adhere to many conventions of the idol scene, their shows are decidedly punk, with the masked girls pumping their fists, headbanging and boldly barking orders at the audience while they sing and dance. Another unusual point is that, despite being active since 2014, they have very few releases, choosing instead to focus their energy on live performances. They proudly play almost 300 shows a year, travelling all over Japan and sleeping in their car.

The girls were backed mainly by the melodic punk cover band 6% is MINE in the past, but in recent years they have been reaching out to other artists for collaborations. They also often perform with just a backing track.
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