also known as:   Shinko Syukyo Gakudan NoGoD  
major - active (2005 - )
Shinkou Shuukyou Gakudan NoGoD is a visual kei band from Tokyo. Their style ranges from heavy to ballads, with a very unique touch that prevents the band from sounding similar to dozens of other heavy indies bands out there. The most characteristic element in their music is definitely the vocalist's high-pitched, skilled vocals, which have become one of the band's trademarks, along with the elaborate black and red outfits and various anti-religious hints.

The anti-religious hints are everywhere: the band's full name means 'the new religion band NoGoD', and their lives have had names like 'the big religion war'. The band also call their fans 'believers' and their lives 'propagation' and so on. However, their lyrics don't have any particularly anti-religious message. It's the band's 'thing' -- they're doing their own thing and they have their own 'cult' and 'followers', who seem quite devoted if you consider how quickly this band is gaining popularity!
line up
  • Guitar: Aki [2005 / 2007 - gone]
  • Bass: Karin [2005 / 2018 - gone]
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