major - active (1993 - )
Considered by some as the founder of the eroguro nansensu music style (a combination of the words "erotic" and "grotesque"), cali≠gari displays that particular style in nearly everything they produce.

Antics such as bizarre makeup and clothing, along with odd gimmicks that includes a free condom in one of their CDs and a stage show featuring an almost naked transvestite comes courtesy of guitarist and leader, Ao, who also writes a great deal of the lyrics and music for the band. Just like their appearance, their songs are surprising, strange, and very different, and range in style from upbeat rock to typical visual kei, jazz to new-wave, and a bit of the experimental.
line up
  • Vocals: Kureiju [1993 / 1993 - gone]
  • Vocals: Shin [1993 / 1995 - gone]
  • Vocals: Shuuji [1996 / 2000 - gone]
  • Bass: Keiji [1993 / 1996 - gone]
  • Bass: Kazuya [1994 / 1995 - gone]
  • Drums: Katsumi [1998 / 1999 - gone]
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