New Mini-Album from Ishikawa Chiaki

news - 02.16.2017 07:00
source: OHP
Singer-songwriter Ishikawa Chiaki will release a new mini-album on March 8th.

Swan no yume ga imi suru mono wa will contain five songs, including a new version of Yuki ga nemuru toki. This track was originally composed for the 2016 stage play "Sin of Sleeping Snow", the third stage show to be based upon the "Sengoku BASARA" franchise. Ishikawa also appeared in the production.

The mini-album will also include a DVD featuring live footage from Ishikawa's November 24th performance at Christ Shinagawa Church's Gloria Chapel.

A preview of Swan no yume ga imi suru mono wa can be listened to below, followed by footage of Ishikawa performing Yuki ga nemuru toki live on stage:

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