Ex-MeteoroiD Members Form New Band GreeΣ

news - 02.19.2017 01:19
source: Press Release
Ex-MeteoroiD members Mikado, Machi, Raru and Tomoya have come together with vocalist Tsukishiro to form a new visual kei band called GreeΣ, pronounced "Greem". GreeΣ’s theme is “A small light desperately struggling in dim places.” Additionally, their songs which are played with a monochromatic world view carry duality.

GreeΣ will officially begin performing shows starting in March, and their first one-man show, titled Good Morning, Morning Has Come, will take place at Ikebukuro EDGE on June 17th. GreeΣ’s first single, GreeM, will be released on March 1st and will be available for free at live venues and visual kei specialty stores in Japan.

The music video spot for GreeM can be watched below:

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