First Solo Album from HIRO

news - 03.02.2017 18:07
source: OHP
HIRO, a guitarist known from numerous bands and projects such as La'cryma Christi, Creature Creature, Acid Black Cherry and Libraian, will release his first solo album on April 28th.

Gale will be released under Ward Records.Inc, and it will feature 10 tracks.

HIRO has also announced his first solo live. HIRO 1st Solo Live 「Gale」〜the Beginning 〜 will take place on April 29th at Shinjuku ReNY. HIRO will be supported by La'cryma Christi’s members: SHUSE on bass, LEVIN on drums and KOJI on guitar as a special guest.

You can watch a comment from HIRO about the release below:

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