New Single from Back Drop Cinderella

news - 03.03.2017 11:11
source: OHP
Eccentric rock band Back Drop Cinderella will release a new single on April 12th.

Fesu dashite will feature four new songs. The title track is a "festival performance negotiation song" where the band pleads with promoters in both Japanese and English to book them at festivals around the world, with their usual tongue in cheek tone.

A video for the song was just revealed today. It features cameos from members of bands such as Su-Xing-Cyu and Arukara and local live house and booking managers, and it ends with an email address to send any offers to.

The band also just celebrated its 10th anniversary last year with a best-of album titled BEST desu. The video for a new track featured on the release, Saraba seishun no Punk, can be viewed below:

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