Suck a Stew Dry Restart Activities with New Name

news - 03.09.2017 09:22
source: OHP
After the departure of guitarist Fuse Tatsuaki in December 2016, the popular indie rock band Suck a Stew Dry went on hiatus. Now, the four remaining members have announced that they will be restarting activities under a new name: THURSDAY'S YOUTH.

Fans might recognize the name from the title of a song on their 2012 mini-album Loveless Letter. A new website has been launched for the band, and the members have all switched over to writing their names in kanji instead of katakana.

THURSDAY'S YOUTH will embark on its first live tour, I can't be your rock star, in June.

The band has also revealed a video for a new song called Sayonara, which can be viewed below:

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