New Single from BIGMAMA

news - 05.18.2017 23:09
While they just released an album titled Fabula Fibula in March, BIGMAMA have already announced a follow-up single.

DOPELAND will hit stores on July 19th. It will feature two new songs and Ai wa harinezumi no you ni, which was originally released on Fabula Fibula. The single will be accompanied by a booklet featuring a short story by the author Sumino Yoru.

The single expands on the story of "Dopeland", the "island of illusions" mentioned in the booklet of Fabula Fibula, and it features Ai wa harinezumi no you ni because the song was used to inspire the story included with the CD.

This year marks the band's 10th anniversary, and BIGMAMA already have a number of live performances planned for the coming months, including a show at Nippon Budokan on October 15th.

The video for BLINKSTONE no shinjitsu o from Fabula Fibula can be viewed below.

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