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news - 07.02.2017 14:08
source: OHP
Idol unit NMB48, another sister group of AKB48, have announced the release of their third original album for August 2nd.

The new album is currently untitled, but it is known that all five editions will feature the new lead track Masaka Singapore as well as their previously-released singles Rashikunai, Don't look back!, Dorian shounen, Must be now, Amagami hime, Boku ha inai and their latest single Boku igai no dareka.

The album will be available in three limited CD+DVD editions, one regular CD-only version and a CD-only Theater edition. The bonus DVDs will contain the music video, a dance version of the music video and making-of footage for Masaka Singapore. NMB48's previous album Sekai no chuushin wa Osaka ya ~Namba Jichiku~ was released in August 2014.

Further details about the album title and the exact contents of each version will be revealed at a later date.

A short version of the music video for NMB48's 16th maxi-single Boku igai no dareka, which came out in December 2016, can be viewed below:

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