Vanity Sicks to Release Live-Limited Album

news - 07.12.2017 12:13
source: OHP
While they will be disbanding just later this month, rock band Vanity Sicks have announced that they will be releasing a full-length album. However, it will only be available at their last live, 1st Anniversary ONEMAN LIVE "Title Match-FINAL ROUND", which will be held at Shibuya VUENOS on July 22nd.

Titled BOOTROCK, the album will feature 11 tracks. All of the songs are original tracks that they have only performed live up to this point.

Officially formed less than a year ago, Vanity Sicks is a side project consisting of Megamasso vocalist Inzargi, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR frontman Yuusuke, Yuusuke's ex-SUN OF A STARVE bandmate vincent, bassist Ash and drummer Takahiko. The group just released its first and last mini-album Foretell the Future on June 7th.

A trailer for Foretell the Future can be viewed below.

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