First Digital Single from Tsujimura Yuki

news - 07.25.2017 16:05
source: OHP
Tsujimura Yuki, the frontman of rock band HaKU, which disbanded last August after nine years of activity, has resurfaced with a new solo project.

After HaKU disbanded, Tsujimura spent time in Finland working on producing music with other creators from around the world. He developed a mysterious project called Fox.i.e to create music geared towards a worldwide audience and released two tracks titled Snow and You are gone.

Now, he has started a solo project under his own name, where he will produce, write and arrange his own music. His first solo release is a digital single titled Ame Dance, which was just released today (July 26th in Japan) via iTunes and Spotify.

Tsujimura has also announced a performance titled Tsujimura Yuki SHOWCASE - U -, which will be held at Shibuya WWW on August 9th.

Fans can follow his new official Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay tuned for more updates.
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