SuG to Go on Indefinite Hiatus

news - 07.31.2017 17:05
Visual kei band SuG have announced that they will go on an indefinite hiatus after their performance at Nippon Budokan on September 2nd.

Although this year marks the band's 10th anniversary, the members and staff found themselves in a state where they could not go on. This decision is the result of numerous discussions between the band members and staff about the future activities of SuG.

SuG apologized for the sudden and sad message, thanking the fans who supported them during their ten years of activity. The band also asked their fans to keep following the new musical activities and challenges the five band members will face from now on.

On their official website, the five members of SuG shared their thoughts in individual messages, stating that they did everything that was possible and even seemingly impossible things, but it was still not enough to protect the band any longer. They thanked the fans for their continued support and asked them to enjoy their last live on September 2nd.
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