Alter Disbands

news - 09.18.2017 21:42
source: OHP
Post-hardcore band Alter disbanded today.

In a message on their official website, the members apologized for the sudden announcement and stated that they came to this decision as a result of an unspecified scandal involving vocalist Haruto. They have also cancelled all of their upcoming performances. They apologized many times for causing trouble for their fans and staff and thanked them for supporting Alter until now.

Alter was formed in Akita in 2008. Their first nationwide release, when something new begins e.p, came out in 2013, and they held their first one-man live in 2014. The band's final work, a mini-album titled Transition, was released in 2016.

The videos for Missing in My Life from Transition and The broken piece from when something new begins e.p can be viewed below.

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