New Greatest Hits Album from DIR EN GREY

news - 10.11.2017 18:32
source: OHP
DIR EN GREY have announced that they will release a new greatest hits album in commemoration of their 20th anniversary.

Titled VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES, it will be released on January 2nd. The compilation will come out in three versions, with each one featuring three CDs. The tracklists will feature 44 songs that were selected by the members from those requested by the fans. The tracks come from releases ranging from their 1997 mini-album MISSA to the 2016 single Utafumi. Three of the songs have also been remastered specifically for this album. The limited editions of the compilation will also come with a DVD or Blu-ray disc, although their specific contents have not been revealed just yet.

Below, you can watch the MV for DIR EN GREY’s latest original single Utafumi:

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