New Album from DAOKO

news - 11.06.2017 12:02
source: OHP
DAOKO will release a new album on December 20th.

Titled THANK YOU BLUE, it comes over two and a half years after her self-titled major debut album. It will include a number of her previously-released singles, including ShibuyaK, Samishii kamisama, Daisuki with TeddyLoid, Moshimo bokura ga GAME no shuyaku de, BANG!, Cinderella step, Haikei Goodbye Sayonara, and her recent collaborations with Kenshi Yonezu, Yasuyuki Okamura and D.A.N..

The album will be available in two editions. One will be a CD-only regular edition, and the other will be a limited edition featuring a bonus DVD with music videos for rearranged versions of songs from her indie period. Songs featured on the DVD will include INTRO, BOY, Boku, Fog, okay! and Samishii kamisama.

The video for her collaboration with D.A.N., Onaji yoru, was just revealed recently. You can watch it below:

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