DOLL$BOXX to Release New EP in the UK and Europe

news - 11.10.2017 08:56
Metal supergroup DOLL$BOXX's new EP high $pec will receive a physical release in the UK and Europe on January 19th next year, courtesy of JPU Records. high $pec will be available for purchase extra early exclusively at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market in London from the 24th to 26th of this month.

The release features cover art from famous illustrator Kojo Masayuki ("Star Wars", "Spider-Man", "Devilman"), styling from fashion designer h.NAOTO (Marilyn Manson, X JAPAN, Amy Lee) and members from self-produced girl bands Gacharic Spin and Fuki Commune.

high $pec is now available for pre-order from JPU Records' e-store at

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