New Releases from Nishikawa Takanori

news - 01.01.2018 14:55
source: OHP
Nishikawa Takanori, better known as T.M.Revolution, has prepared three new releases for March.

The first will be a new single titled Bright Burning Shout, which will come out on March 7th. The title song will be used as an intro theme for the TV anime series "Fate/EXTRA Last Encore". The single will be released in three editions. The regular version will be CD-only, while the limited editions will come with a DVD featuring anime opening footage.

The second new release will be a live album titled T.M.R. Live Revolution '17 -Round House Cutback- that is scheduled for March 28th. It will feature songs performed during the singer’s sold-out nationwide Zepp tour.

On the same day, Nishikawa will release footage of his 20th anniversary show held at Saitama Super Arena in May 2017. It will come out in three versions. The regular version will feature two DVDs. The limited edition will come with a bonus CD containing selected tracks recorded during the show. Another limited edition will come out in Blu-ray format with two bonus CDs featuring recordings of all of the tracks performed that night.
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