Good Morning America's 10th Anniversary Plans

news - 01.20.2018 09:07
source: OHP
Rock band Good Morning America are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year with a number of special activities.

The first is a currently untitled best-of album that will have its tracklist selected by votes from the fans. The second is bassist Tanashin's debut as a YouTuber. He started a YouTube channel called TanaBlog with videos about the band, music and everyday life. The third is the return of vocalist Shingo Kanehiro's solo acoustic performances.

The fourth surprise is likely the most exciting for longtime fans. As some may know, while Good Morning America officially debuted with its current line-up ten years ago, Kanehiro, Tanashin and guitarist Koichi Watanabe have actually been playing together since 2001. Before Good Morning America, they were in an emo band called for better, for worse, which went on hiatus in 2007 when they decided to change direction. To commemorate this important part of their history together, for better, for worse will also release a best-of album and revive for one night sometime this year.

More details regarding the two best-of albums will be announced at a later date, and the members also still have more surprises in store.

The video for Kaze to naite tokete yuke from Good Morning America's 2017 album 502 goushitsu no Sirius can be viewed below, followed by a TanaBlog video where Tanashin visits Kanehiro's home and samples some of his cooking.

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