Eir Aoi to Return from Hiatus in Spring

news - 02.12.2018 07:08
source: Press Release
Eir Aoi has announced that she will make her official return in Spring this year, after going on hiatus due to health concerns in November 2016.

On February 1st, a beating blue light had appeared on Eir Aoi's official website, and an announcement that she would be returning in Spring was made on February 8th. Accompanying the February 8th announcement was a music video for new song Yakusoku, which was posted on YouTube.

Yakusoku's lyrics were penned by the singer herself and Shigenaga Ryosuke. In Yakusoku, Eir Aoi sings about her determination on her return and her thoughts during her hiatus, making the song a prelude for her return.

The music video for Yakusoku can be watched below:

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