BAND-MAID to Release New Album in Europe and North America

news - 02.14.2018 02:00
source: Press Release
Hard rock band BAND-MAID will release their second full-length album in Europe and North America on March 2nd.

WORLD DOMINATION was released in Japan today, and it contains fourteen songs. The limited editions' DVD and Blu-ray disc feature live footage of BAND-MAID's Moeru no? Moenai no? Dotchina no!? tour final, filmed at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST last November.

The international edition of WORLD DOMINATION, which comes courtesy of British label JPU Records, is a CD-only release, but it will contain the exclusive bonus track Honey. English translations and transliterations of the lyrics will also be included.

The music video for DOMINATION can be viewed below:

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