New Band: Asty

news - 07.08.2018 16:07
source: Visunavi
A new visual kei band called Asty has been revealed.

The band first made its presence known in June, posting a photo and video showing the members wearing white egg-like masks to hide their identities. Now, all of the details about this new group have been announced.

The band consists of four members: ex-Irodori vocalist Takeru, guitarist Zuu, ex-LOG bassist Yuuki and ex-Lydiar drummer Junya. Takeru stated on
Twitter that the name "Asty" is a combination of "asu", the Japanese word for "tomorrow", and "steal", meaning that the band will steal boring, routine tomorrows away from their fans with their fun music and performances.

The band began distributing a "0th" single titled BORN at locations of the visual kei store Like an Edison on July 1st. The single features four songs: BORN, Tomorrow Land, TERRITORY and SARUKANI BATTLE~Ingaouhou emaki~.

Asty will play their first official concert, also titled BORN, at Ikebukuro EDGE on September 7th. They have also announced a few "demonstration" lives where they will be opening for other acts. Check out their new official website and Twitter account for more information.

The full video for BORN can be viewed below.

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