New Releases from EVERLONG

news - 08.13.2018 14:17
Pop punk band EVERLONG have announced two new releases for October 3rd.

The first will be a new single titled Utsukushii hito. The release will feature three songs: Amane, Shinkokyuu and 88. This will be their first new release in about ten months, following their December 2017 mini-album RIN.

The second will be a split release with their labelmates LUCCI and SAME titled Fractal. Each band will contribute one song to the release. EVERLONG's will be titled Utsukushii hito, LUCCI's will be Toki o kakete and SAME's will be GET OVER. This will be the first release from LUCCI since the departure their guitarist in March and also the first from SAME since their drummer left earlier this month.

The video for I from EVERLONG's mini-album RIN can be viewed below.

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