New Mini-Album from Hysteric Panic

news - 08.29.2018 01:28
source: GEKIROCK
Post-hardcore band Hysteric Panic will release a new mini-album on October 31st.

Hypnotic Poison will feature seven tracks, including their 2017 digital single Shut up and a cover of GO! GO! MANIAC, one of the opening themes for the anime series "K-ON!!". The concept of the release is "poison".

The band has also announced a tour to support the release. Their Dokudoku Tour will begin on November 15th at DUCE SAPPORO and it will conclude with a one-man titled ~Akemashite omeDEAD! Kotoshi mo yoroSICK! 2019~ that will be held at Zepp Nagoya on January 4th.

In honour of "Panic Day" (August 29th), the band just revealed a new music video for Venom Shock, a new track from the mini-album. The song has also been released as a preceding digital single on platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

The video for Venom Shock can be viewed below.

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