First Mini-Album from Hector

news - 09.14.2018 15:30
metronome frontman Sharaku Kobayashi and cali≠gari guitarist Ao Sakurai's latest joint venture Hector will release its first mini-album on November 7th.

Titled Ame no asa, shinjuku ni shisu, it will contain five tracks: the title song, Kuchinashi, Seishun no danmatsuma and an album version of Shinjuku wa moete iru ka.

In addition, they will kick off a two-man tour with MIMIZUQ titled Inu vs tori on November 16th, and the two bands will release a split CD titled Inu to tori no taiwa exclusively at live venues.

The band will also be holding instore events nationwide to promote their new mini-album, starting at littleHEARTS in Shinjuku on November 11th.

The MV for Kuchinashi can be viewed below.

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