AA= Releases Collaboration Single Featuring BALZAC's HIROSUKE

news - 02.08.2019 15:36
source: OHP
Takeshi Ueda's solo project AA= released a new collaboration single featuring BALZAC frontman HIROSUKE digitally worldwide today.

Titled DEEP INSIDE, the song was debuted during AA= VERSUS LIVE ~X-FADER #666~, a two-man live AA= held with BALZAC on February 2nd. Since there was plenty of demand for the song after the show, they decided to give it a quick digital release.

In a comment about the single, Ueda touched on his long history with BALZAC, mentioning that they have been playing shows together since his time in THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS and that he is also particularly close with HIROSUKE in private due to their similar interests. He stated that the song blends together BALZAC's worldview with AA='s sound, and that it is loaded with his love for BALZAC. He also mentioned that he hopes everyone will enjoy singing along to it.

HIROSUKE mentioned that Ueda promised to write a song in the style he likes when he approached him about the collaboration, and that he was deeply moved when he listened to the demo. He stated that it is a song packed with elements that he loves, seamlessly fusing both the "Takeshi sound" he admires and his own style.

Links to download and stream the release on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify are available here, and you can also listen to it using the embedded player below.

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