LIPHLICH Welcome New Bassist

news - 06.09.2019 19:55
source: OHP
After a long search following the departure of founding member Wataru Shindo this January, visual kei band LIPHLICH have finally settled on a new bassist.

They announced today that they have been officially joined by Kazuhiko Takeda, who some fans may recognize as Kazutake of MASK. Fans can check out Takeda's Twitter account to learn more about him.

In a message on the band's official website, vocalist Shingo Kuga stated that he was charmed by the fact that Takeda took the initiative to approach them and mentioned that his ability to take action and his timing made him feel as though their meeting must have been fate. Guitarist Takayuki Arai mentioned that Takeda is someone who understands how precious the band is to them and he feels a sense of unity with him in the group that makes him believe that they can play music together forever. Takeda stated that he fell in love instantly when he met the three members of LIPHLICH. He confessed that he wasn't planning to be in a band at the time, but that meeting them changed his mind.

LIPHLICH's next show will be a one-man at Takadanobaba AREA that will be held on June 14th. The band is also scheduled to play monthly one-man lives at the same venue until December.
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