Backdrop Cinderella


indies - Activo (2006 - )
Formed in Ikebukuro in 2006, Backdrop Cinderella play an eccentric, fast-paced brand of punk rock that combines influences from ska, metal, Irish and folk music with some truly ridiculous lyrics. Energetic frontman Dendeke Ayumi dances, jumps and hangs upside down from the ceiling while he sings, and he is backed up by the more soulful voice of afro-hairstyled guitarist Toshima "Perry" Wataru and the high-pitched shouts of bassist Asahi Kyanako, which add an even more eclectic feel to their sound.

After over a decade together, Backdrop Cinderella have never changed members or deviated from their vision, bringing fans more wild and irreverent songs each year. The members have adopted the phrase “unza unza” to describe both their sound and the free and instinctive way that fans dance to it.
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