Kazuyoshi Saito


亦被称作:   Saito Kazuyoshi  
major - 活动中 (1991 - )
Some artists escape the "star system" so that they can put forward their talent in the most free way possible. Kazuyoshi Saito is one of these slightly secret artists of the Japanese music scene, a rare talent, and a jewel for some. With his eternal appearance as a young rebel, he knew how to forge a cult, all in keeping a more than personal universe. Far from being superficial, the music of Kazuyoshi possesses a style and a real soul.

His very subtle music puts forth a rhythm. Also, he is one of the most talented multi-instrumental musicians of his generation. The guitar though, remains his primary form of expression.

His music is a clever mix of folk, rock and pop, he remains loyal to some of the greatest inspirations like Yutaka Ozaki or the legendary Rooters.

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