亦被称作:   sex MACHINEGUN  
major - 活动中 (2003 - )
Anchang is a musician who has been active as both a band member as well as a solo artist for several years. However, he is most well known for his ongoing work in the heavy metal style band SEX MACHINEGUNS.

His solo musical style is very much in the same vein as his SEX MACHINEGUNS work although slightly more experimental, as he often fuses various musical styles into his compositions to create an interesting individual style. As well as continuing with his main band, he has recently formed a new band called BIG BITES. His ongoing enthusiasm for music has kept him busy, and he is nearly always actively participating in the music scene, either playing live shows or releasing new material.
  • 贝司: Naoto [2003 / 2003 - 脱退 - 支援乐手]

  • euroWH
  • Chaotic Harmony