major - Activo (2013 - )
sukekiyo is a side project of DIR EN GREY’s vocalist, Kyo, who has carefully chosen its members to develop a fresh and unique sound. Its members are all already well known in the Japanese music scene, and the talents of Takumi and Mika of RENTRER EN SOI, utA from 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Yuchi from kannivalism, and of course Kyo, combine in sukekiyo to create songs and performances with a mysterious and disturbing atmosphere.

Kyo is in charge not only of the band's music and shows but also all the artwork and visuals. He provides the covers for sukekiyo releases, decorating them with his own drawings, and also helps to prepare all of the band's merchandise.

The band started its activities as an opening act for SUGIZO, has already released a full-length album, and continues to aim high with a European tour planned for the fall.
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