Shiggy Jr.

major - aktiivinen (2012 - )
A pop band hailing from Tokyo, Shiggy Jr.'s music is unabashedly upbeat and highly addictive. While the sweet, sometimes almost childlike voice of frontwoman Tomoko Ikeda gives them an unshakably cute sound, their songs also have a distinctly groovy feel that might surprise fans of other genres.

Formed in December 2012 by Ikeda and guitarist Shigeyuki Harada, they came to their current line-up in 2014 with the addition of bassist Natsuhiko Mori and drummer Kazma Moroishi. Shiggy Jr. earned their first spot in the top ten of the Oricon Weekly Indies chart that same year with the EP LISTEN TO THE MUSIC, and they made their major debut in 2015 on UNIVERSAL SIGMA.
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