Mizuki Nana

水樹 奈々

également connu sous le nom de:   Nana Mizuki  
major - actif (1998 - )
From her humble beginnings as an aspiring enka singer to her success as a stadium-filling phenomenon, Nana Mizuki's story is one of J-pop's most inspiring. Despite her anime music background, Mizuki consistently takes top five spots on the Oricon chart, with several number one releases under her belt. She has performed on the legendary "Kouhaku Uta Gassen" stage five times in a row, and is now recognized by the Japanese public in general. Her live concerts are the epitome of spectacle, featuring mind-blowing special effects, legions of dancers, and numerous guest appearances.

Her musical style is often described as power pop. Bombastic string passages, screeching electric guitars, and cute, lively brass sections are just the tip of the iceberg though. Despite her enka background, her music only occasionally touches on the genre, opting instead for complicated instrumental sections blending everything from European folk to DDR-style electronic dance music. It's no wonder that Mizuki is regarded by many as incomparable.
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