indies - actif (2008 - )
A rock band that's been active in the indies scene for nearly a decade, folca’s music is dominated by aggressive guitar work. Their songs are balanced out by the emotional vocals of frontman Yamashita Hideyuki, which add a warm and sensitive appeal to their sound. Sometimes pessimistic and remorseful, sometimes dripping with a self-assured, masculine sensuality, folca’s music offers a little something for everyone.

Originally formed in Kobe in 2008, folca relocated to Tokyo in 2011. Due to the departure of longtime drummer Miyamoto Masaaki in 2014, they are currently performing as a trio with a support member. They are signed to Kudakeneko Records, a label spearheaded by the band Arukara, whose frontman Inamura Taisuke was actually the one to suggest folca's members form a band after their previous groups broke up.
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