indies - actif (2013 - )
Visual kei band Chanty was formed in 2013, with ex-Administrator vocalist Akuta at its centre. The band's concept is “music that pierces your heart”, and its name comes from the rhythmical songs of labour sung by sailors, representing the way that music can give people strength. Their visual look is typically light and airy, employing a lot of white and relatively subdued hair and makeup. Their music has a similar appeal, leaning more towards an elegant and energetic brand of indie rock, rather than the aggressive punk and metal sounds favoured by many of their contemporaries.

Chanty made their overseas debut in 2016 at the Oklahoma convention, Tokyo in Tulsa. The band went on hiatus in April 2017 after guitarist shia. was arrested on charges of fraud, but they bounced back as a quartet that September, and show no signs of slowing down.
  • Guitare: shia. [2013 / 2017 - parti]
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