indies - En pausa (2007 - 2009)
The band describes its own style as 'HeavyRock' or 'Industrial,' although there are hardly moments in their music where you find these styles. More obvious is the quite usual rock with pop elements and the unavoidable nuances provided by the visual scene. Furthermore, you can't say anything about an evolution in their two years of history, since the different styles in their music were present from the very beginning.

Their popularity derives mostly from the popularity of two of the members. The vocalist was earlier active with the quite famous band Chronosphere; the drummer was in the major band D-SHADE, being the last active member of that popular band.
  • Guitarra: KENJI [2007 / 2008 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: ZERO [2007 / 2008 - Abandonó - miembro de soporte]
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