indies - actief (2012 - )
Although GOTCHAROCKA is a young visual kei group, the members are established musicians from well-known but disbanded groups: Vidoll, Phantasmagoria and Charlotte.

GOTCHAROCKA officially debuted in August 2012 with the single, Hydrag, but started activities as early as mid-June while holding secret lives to small audiences throughout and July.

GOTCHAROCKA’s name derives from the Japanese onomatopoeia “gaccha gaccha” (the sound of clattering; of noise), but is pronounced like “gotcha” to give it an American-sounding twang, combined with “got to rock” that represents the need to play music. So far GOTCHAROCKA’s music can be best defined as rock with a touch of visual kei—all while appearing “cool”.
  • bas: Shingo [2012 / 2014 - weg]
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