indies - actief (2008 - )
Armed with a fun, unpredictable, keyboard-infused sound, a dash of gothic style and tons of energy, GEEKS aren’t your run of the mill punk rock band. All of the members contribute to the vocals, putting extra power behind their big, sing-along choruses, while frontman ENDO.’s voice adds a snotty, Green Day-esque feel to each song. They aren’t afraid to play around with other genres as well, adding strings to their music from time to time and performing punk versions of famous classical pieces.

GEEKS' unique sound has drawn some attention from overseas over the years, even leading to a few performances in the US, and the members have also occasionally been recruited to perform as a backing band for artists such as Uesaka Sumire and Sato Satomi.

Unfortunately, when bassist MITSU announced that he would be leaving the band on November 25th, 2016, drummer KYOHEY and keyboardist KAOL also both opted to depart from the band on the same day, deciding that it would not be the same without him. While he is now the only remaining member, ENDO. has stated that he intends to continue with GEEKS.
  • bas, zang: MITSU [2008 / 2016 - weg]
  • keyboard, zang: KAOL [2008 / 2016 - weg]
  • drums, zang: KYOHEY [2013 / 2016 - weg]
  • drums, zang: TAKA [2008 / 2010 - weg]
  • drums, zang: MASH [2010 / 2012 - weg]
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