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Formed by two ex-members of the pop-rock band Takeuchi Denki, ONIGAWARA is a self-proclaimed “SUPER J-POP UNIT”. Not quite a band, not quite an idol group, they perform lighthearted pop songs tinged with influences from funk, disco, hip-hop, rock and classic J-pop. They compose all their own music and lyrics and, in addition to singing, main vocalist Takeuchi Satifour plays the guitar during their shows while Saitou Shinya fires up the crowds with some rather silly choreography.

Never afraid to make a joke at their own expense, ONIGAWARA’s lyrics and videos often both celebrate and poke fun at the members’ distinctly non-idol looks. They also love to reference iconic Japanese artists in their work. For example, the members pull out some moves from Perfume’s Chocolate Disco dance in their MV for Chocolate wo choudai and Takeuchi plays a HOTEI model guitar.
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