también conocido como:   168 -one sixty eight-  
major - Activo (2012 - )
Aoi-168- is the latest musical adventure of Ayabie vocalist Aoi.

After his stint as a solo artist under the name Aoi from Ayabie and his special collaborative unit with Megamasso guitarist Ryohei, he started this project as 168 -one sixty eight- in 2012. However, he switched over to the current moniker in 2013 following a label change from TOKUMA Japan to Warner Music Japan.

Aoi-168-'s music is generally a mix of pop and rock, incorporating many conventions of the visual kei scene.
  • Cantante: Aoi
  • Guitarra: Reo [miembro de soporte]
  • Guitarra: Ryuto [miembro de soporte]
  • Bajo: Nao (now NAOKI) [miembro de soporte]
  • Batería: Levin [miembro de soporte]
  • Guitarra: Yuki [2012 / 2012 - Abandonó - miembro de soporte]
  • Guitarra: SEBASTIAN [2012 / 2012 - Abandonó - miembro de soporte]
  • Batería: Teruki [2012 / 2012 - Abandonó - miembro de soporte]
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