indies - Activo (2017 - )
While they just debuted in 2017, visual kei band Kizu had already gotten off to a strong start. Their first single Oshimai spent two weeks in the top 10 of the Oricon Weekly Indies chart and their first one-man quickly sold out.

This momentum has been partially due to the fact that the band’s line-up features established musicians from the scene like ex-LEZARD vocalist LiME and LOUD GRAPE guitarist Reiki, and also due to the old-school marketing strategy they used to generate buzz for their debut. Before even posting their first artist photo, they distributed flyers bearing a mysterious phone number at live houses. It stated that a new band would listen to the worries and pain of anyone who called.

When the band members were finally revealed, their Twitter account had already attracted hundreds of eager followers. Their polished visuals and dark, yet catchy and energetic sound quickly earned them even more admirers.
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