forbidden days rhapsody

indies - Aktywny (2009 - )
forbidden days rhapsody's compositions give priority to the set up of a unique atmosphere for every track. Melodious and meticulous, the music steers us away from any simple mood. The majority of the band’s songs are instrumental and based on electronics. The vocal tracks, which edge more towards rock, have an unusual touch to them provided by Rui’s characteristic voice.

The band is mostly known for being the solo project of Mika, former RENTRER EN SOI drummer, and it is not surprising that his musical past with the successful visual kei band can be heard in forbidden days rhapsody’s music as well.
  • perkusja, programowanie: Mika
  • gitara, bas: Shun [muzyk wspomagający]
  • wokal: Rui [muzyk wspomagający]
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  • Chaotic Harmony
  • euroWH