Momo Kazuhiro


znany także jako:   Kazuhiro Momo  
major - Aktywny (2012 - )
Best known as the frontman of alternative rock band MO'SOME TONEBENDER, Momo Kazuhiro also struck out as a solo artist in April 2012. While his main band often sees him dancing, stage-diving and screaming along to the music until he seems ready to collapse, Momo's solo work is decidedly more subdued. It consists mainly of gentle, autobiographical pop-rock tunes, folk songs and covers. During live performances he is sometimes joined by a backing band called Tape Echoes.

An avid drinker, Momo once wrote a column for the magazine "Ongaku to hito" called Deisui Journal ("Dead Drunk Journal") featuring essays relating to alcohol and discussing bars from across Japan. It was later published as a short book under the same name.
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