indies - Aktywny (2008 - )
A-One is a dance unit specialising in "Touhou Project" arrange albums. Formed by DJ ELEMENTAS and keyboardist Yassie in 2008, the duo became a quartet in summer 2012 with the addition of singers Koshida "Rute" Takahito and Yassie's Honey Pocket bandmate aki. Their first original release, Practical Theory, came out in December 2014.

A-One are best known for their TOHO EUROBEAT albums, a series of "Touhou Project" Eurobeat arrange albums modelled on avex's long-running SUPER EUROBEAT compilation series. They feature songs from fellow dance unit Eurobeat Union and California-based composer Travis Stebbins.
  • gitara: NORI [muzyk wspomagający]
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  • Chaotic Harmony
  • euroWH