Marble Sheep

indies - Aktywny (1987 - )
Marble Sheep has been around for almost 20 years, mostly playing psychedelic rock. Their style is inspired by several musical decades, so when listening to their music, you may be reminded of hits from the 60's and 70's such as the song “Wild Thing”. At the same time, you can detect influences of German Krautrock and various other styles of psychedelic music. Often, their live performances become more like jam sessions than a normal concert.

Their music has progressively changed throughout the years from very long pieces, which were often more than 20 minutes long, to shorter ones. Even the short songs compared to commercial music are still very long, but the band nevertheless manages to keep their songs very entertaining.

At their live shows they often have a special surprise for the fans. The surprise is the appearance of their mascot “Marby,” who is an official member of the band. “Marby” is usually the bassist in a costume who plays on stage whilst in character. Another interesting fact is that the band has two drummers, who perform together during songs but during song breaks like to compete with each other in solo drumming competitions.
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