Ishikawa Chiaki

石川 智晶

également connu sous le nom de:   Chiaki Ishikawa  
major - actif (1999 - )
Singer-songwriter Ishikawa Chiaki entered the music industry in 1993 as vocalist of Kajiura Yuki-led ‘sophisti-pop’ act See-Saw. She then briefly pursued a solo career as somali before reuniting with Kajiura in 2001.

It was during her second stint with See-Saw that Ishikawa found her vocation as an ‘anison’ singer. Off the back of See-Saw’s successful work for the “.hack” and “GUNDAM” franchises she released her first anime theme song as a solo artist in 2004. Her signature song Uninstall, produced for series “Bokura no”, came in 2007.

Like many ‘anison’ specialists, Ishikawa’s music somewhat defies categorisation, changing as it does to meet the needs of a given project. That said, two consistent traits in her songs are the primacy of her vocals over any instrumentation, and the fact that they're almost always arranged by Nishida Masala.
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