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indies - перерыв (2011 - )
In remembrance of Taku (Heisei Ishin)’s passing in 2010, yukkie and rai helped to continue the life of Heisei Ishin by forming a new “organization” in [email protected].

[email protected] (read as “noa” in katakana) is short for “nano humans”. The concept of this project is that “humans are made up of 65 million parts and in that are many challenges and suffering. Like with Noah's Ark, reading poetry and listening [to [email protected]] aids and eases the pain".

[email protected] are on an indefinite hiatus as of August 2013, but yukkie and rai have joined GIGAMOUS with Shiki (Hinata from April) and seiya (ex-spiv states).
  • вокал, гитара: YUKKIE
  • dj, программирование: Rai
  • гитара: Yuu [временный участник]
  • бас: Ena [временный участник]
  • ударные: Hikari (now Shimamura Hikari) [временный участник]
  • гитара: Ryuuto (Amamiya Ryuuto) [2012 / 2012 - ушел из группы - временный участник]
  • ударные: Takeshi [2012 / 2012 - ушел из группы - временный участник]
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